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Professors to look up to - Bunyan Scholars

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Collected editions of scholarly essays like the Cambridge Companion to John Bunyan and the Oxford Handbook of John Bunyan glitter with names of Professors of far deeper scholarship than mine in the wider world of Bunyan's writing, his historical context, influences upon him and his influence on others, from fields of History, Literature, Psychology, Cultural Studies, Religion and Theology. I got to attend the International John Bunyan Society Triennial conference in 2019 and found a delightful company of people of a vast expertise and gentle disposition. The Society is not just for academics but anyone with an interest in John Bunyan willing to delve into his context, creativity, and influence. They offer day conferences from time to time (outside of pandemic conditions), the next large conference will be in Newcastle, England in 2022.

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