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aided by the towering genius of Charles Schulz

I'm glad of my Biola office with a desk that can adjust heights - to let me stand or sit as I work. At home the situation is a little more improvised. I was aided today by my Peanuts collection as the photos demonstrate. Sadly my book stand has gone missing so I was improvising. I'm working on transcribing and codifying readers' marginal comments from a few book copies of PP I've happened upon. For all that reading can broadly be assessed by success in sales, or perhaps library lending, what any one reader makes of a book is hard for historians to ascertain. Responses recorded in the book copy by way of underlining and annotation communicate a lot more - although not unambiguously. Regrettably old books tend to be sold as first time, clean reads so that unmarked books are more valued and sought - heavily marked up ones might not make it to the shelf (virtual or otherwise) but instead get dumped in the trash. I'm glad the ones I've come across have survived...

Piled up high (above) for standing work. Propping my book and me up to a better height for typing and reading below.

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