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Emily Propst Dances The Pilgrim’s Progress

An Easter Treat.

Ever since singing the chorus ‘Lord of the Dance’ when I was little, I’ve associated Easter joy with dancing, even though dance has never been a feature of my church belonging.

Christian leaves the place of deliverance after his encounter with the three Shining Ones at the cross with three leaps for joy and a song. So what better day to share a choreographed response to the story and that episode in particular.

I’ve shared some of the creative projects that students have produced for my class before. I was delighted, a few semesters ago, when Emily Propst created this video, and I am glad that she is happy to share it.  The dance shows her pilgrim’s burden loosed and her movement freed. For the class assignment students also submit a short, written commentary making the connections to Bunyan’s text and their learning explicit. As is so often the case, however, the creative project stands successfully on its own.

Click on the image on the right to open a new tab and watch the recording.




Happy Easter!

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