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Greg Tardy's Pilgrim's Progress Jazz Suite

There have been multiple musical adaptations of The Pilgrim's Progress for kids, as well as contemporary praise music, folk, soft-rock, progressive rock, as well as much musical theater, and even opera. I'm glad to see, in my semi-regular sweep for latest content, that PBS has Greg Tardy's jazz suite available for streaming (not sure what the access is vis subscription).

PBS' blurb says: 'The concert features an all-star group including saxophonist Greg Tardy, trombonist Michael Dease, trumpeter Alex Norris, flutist Maria Castillo, clarinetist Tom Johnson, violinists Kimberly Simpkins and Bethany Hankins, pianist Taber Gable, bassist Sean Conly and drummer Dave Potter. The program features original music written by Greg Tardy, inspired by the classic novel “The Pilgrim’s Progress.”'

The concert is narrated by Tardy's daughter who not only recounts the story but also offers notes on the music for each section of the suite to guide the audience in matching the 'color' of the musical narration to the events introduced in words.

Enjoy, if you are able, by clicking on the picture below:

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