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Modern English Versions

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

It's an interesting question as to when a modernized version becomes an adaptation? In any case, today I was asked again about my recommendation for a modernized version of PP. It was a good prompt to think a little bit more about the question, as there a number of candidates on the market. I am not here thinking about re-written adaptations, or abridgments, or age specific targeted editions. So here's the start of an unscientific attempt...

The five candidates I'm canvassing in the next few posts are:

  • Alan Vermilye's, (2020) 'Readable Modern-Day Version;'

  • Cheryl Ford's, (2016) 'Faithfully Retold' version;*

  • Daniel Frayer-Griggs, (2019) 'In Modern Language;'*

  • EP Books, (2017) 'Modern English Version'

  • Robert J. Edmonson, CJ, (2006) The Most Difficult Journey You'll Ever Make

(Do you know of any others?)

For brief comparative measure, here are my quick checkpoints:

Author's Apology


Pickthank, Hill Lucre, and Diffidence

Scroll kept in bosom/ Key in Doubting castle


Formatting- Biblical References/ Marginal Notes/ Chapters

I'll pop back for some observations on each of these measures over the next few days.

* indicates a book that includes Part II along with Part I.

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